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I should be asleep. - Fourth Dimension
July 2017
10/28/13 12:51 am
I should be asleep.

I only slept around 2-3 hours last night, so you'd think I'd be in bed right now since it's after midnight and I have an eleven-hour shift tomorrow. But since I'm not I may as well ramble a bit.

First a wee bit of pleasantness. I've been sending Jason random texts every couple of weeks waiting for his phone to finally have minutes on it so he can respond - and Thursday evening I actually got a response! He happened to be in Petersburg that evening watching movies at his girlfriend's mother's house and so he walked over to my apartment and we hung out for a little while catching up. He's got a job driving a school bus for the Pike County School Corporation. He seems to like it well enough, although I think he'd be happier with a larger income, all things considered right now. Hopefully I've convinced him to stop in a little more often now that he's in Petersburg more regularly.

Today was the Pastor Appreciation Dinner at the church. I had to work really late last night so I did not have a chance to make anything for it this time. Too bad... I like baking, but I don't do it much when it's only for me because I don't want to get stuck eating it all. Mamaw came up to me right after the service while I was getting the computer shut down and asked me to drive her home because she'd forgotten about the meal and didn't feel like staying, so I got to play chauffer briefly. It was nice to get a chance to talk to her for a little bit - even if she did try to talk me into pulling over at the bottom of the hill to turn around so that I wouldn't have to trouble myself with the last few feet: "I can probably walk it from here. It would be good for me!" Needless to say, I drove her all the way to her house and waited to make sure she got in instead. =)

Speaking of church, I did cause one small hiccup in the service today. When it was time for the music stuff we got up and I went up to the pulpit and was hitting the button on the remote to start the words on the wall when I noticed that the slides that were popping up were from last week's music. So I had to dash over to our guitarist and tell him that people were going to have to use hymnals for the first song while I hurried back to my office to get my flash drive so I could put this week's music up instead. I suppose it was a good thing that we were starting with one that was in the book. Although, even if we hadn't been, I'm sure he could have picked one for stalling purposes. Then he ended up switching the order from what he had emailed to me, so I had to jump around in the slides on the fly a couple of times. Ah well - it all came out in the end.

My class of sixth & seventh grade boys is pretty enjoyable. They are a hyper bunch, but they ask pretty insightful questions. Currently we are working through some of the Old Testament material and the last couple of weeks have focused on Joseph and how he was part of God's over-arching plan to set the Israelites up for deliverance many years down the road. What is making this one a bit more entertaining in particular is that as we're reading the story we are assigning different ones of the boys to take the characters' positions and we are "translating" it to a modern approach.
So... essentially Austin was sold to a traveling circus bound for Illinois by Blake because of Austin's dreaming of becoming the President (although Samuel was wanting to kill him) and there was sold to the Illinois governor (Sam) to sweep the floors of the staff kitchen where he was noticed for his dedication and determination to the point of being promoted to butler of the governor's house until the governor's wife tried to hook up with him and then blamed him when she was scorned to that the governor threw him into prison where he met a couple members of the President's (Sam again) cabinet (Jonathan and Joel) who told Austin their dreams which he interpreted truthfully, but was still forgotten when Joel was returned to his station until Sam had a dream of his own two years later which reminded Joel of his promise to remember Austin, resulting in Sam getting Austin's interpretation of his dream and being so impressed with Austin that he made him Vice President (and possibly Secretary of Agriculture) in order to prep the nation for the coming drought.
Okay, I know the adaptation isn't probably the most theologically sound in and of itself, but we always go back to the original story as well. They are enjoying trying to create parallels to their ongoing saga and I guarantee they are probably not going to remember Joseph quite the same ever again.
Moses is coming up in a couple of weeks and right now I'm really leaning toward showing them Ken Davis's message on God's call to Moses. I really like his way of looking at it and I think they'd enjoy his message. Plus it will give them a chance to not have to listen to me for a Sunday or two. ;)

My order at work tomorrow is massive - to the point where it is about 150% over my average order. I'm going to be putting away stock until Thursday unless I get some help this week.
Joy joy...

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2013-10-29 12:11 am (UTC)

wow. your a busy guy with all the church stuff. You still driving the came car??

2013-10-29 04:09 am (UTC)
Re: Ummmmm

I was up until late last year. I was up to 306,000 miles on it and the engine finally collapsed to the point that it just wasn't worth putting any more money into it.

And because I know you don't deal with numbers well sometimes, here's some help: 306,000 miles is long enough to drive all the way to the moon and about a fourth of the way back - lol.

ReplyThread Parent
2013-10-29 02:49 pm (UTC)

hahahahahahahah, oh, ok I got it now LOL