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Productivity... just not a whole lot of it. - Fourth Dimension
July 2017
10/17/13 07:33 pm
Productivity... just not a whole lot of it.

So I did end up going to eat with Caleb. He said he was craving the Smokehouse all week and was wanting barbecue pizza. I ended up seeing some people I'd not seen in a while: Dessie (former library coworker), Tyler (former student), and Andrew (distant friend). I didn't actually go talk to any of them, but Tyler nodded at me and Andrew waved from across the room. Caleb sometimes thinks I'm famous - if only he realized. =P

I spent most of the afternoon in my office at the church updating iTunes on the computer and updating the music binders for the Worship Team. Wow... that took forever. I didn't realize just how far behind I'd let them get. And I still have yet to do the books for the piano and guitar. Maybe next week. Right now I want to just relax for a bit.

I kind of want to hang out with someone this evening, but I am unsure of who to try. Brian texted me a couple of times today and I did stop by and see Melanie for about a half hour after I left the Smokehouse, so it's not like I've been a hermit all day or anything. Plus there were a few people in and out of my office all afternoon. Maybe Melanie will want to walk this evening. We've been going two or three times a week. It's about 3-3.5 miles from their house, out of town to the park, around the park, and back into town to their house. We tend to make it in around 50-55 minutes, so that's holding a decent pace. I'm not so sure the exercise is really affecting me much, but at least I get someone to talk to once in a while, so that's a good thing.

I bought a bunch of vegetable-type stuff from Schnuk's last night with the intent of attempting some healthy cooking over the next few days. I've not done anything with any of it, yet, though. I'm not really hungry right now - probably due to eating so much for lunch. I need to be making some severe adjustments to my eating habits. I'm not at the upper end of my usual weight shift, but I'm close. Melanie has been doing really well with her eating plan and Abby has been making efforts, too (not that either of them need it, but you can't convince a woman of that), so you'd think that I'd have enough inspiration around me to get at it. I even noticed Keith's FB status this morning was that this was his thirtieth day in a row of exercising every morning. I always intend to do better... I just don't keep up with it very well. I'd kind of like to start running again - I've not really done so since I shattered my leg three years ago - but that's something I always did better with when I had someone running with me. None of my running partners are around here any more. Actually, I think I'd probably be able to convince Jason to join me... only I can't get ahold of him since he's always out of minutes on his phone. =P

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2013-10-18 10:23 pm (UTC)
Oh wow

I haven't talked to Tyler in three years or more. I miss talking to him but I guess he's moved on to other things, poor me. The smokehouse sounds like fun, we have one in Philly but It's called the Great American Smokehouse and it's a steak place not pizza hahaha. Your running? me and Carl do every morning out to the lake and back, two time out and back is two miles so we do it more than that.

2013-10-19 02:43 am (UTC)
Re: Oh wow

It's actually a barbecue place - he was just craving the barbecue pizza. I ended up with jalapeno poppers and a Cuban sandwich. Very yummy. =)

Yeah - I've not seen Tyler in a while, but I do know he's still around because he keeps stealing my mayorship of the Chinese restaurant here in town on Foursquare - lol.

I used to run a little way back with a friend or two. But I don't have anyone to go with me anymore so I'm not dedicated enough to keep up with it. *sigh*

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