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Fourth Dimension
July 2017
7/9/17 04:30 pm

I'm sitting in the park and letting my mind wander. I seem to be noticing more and more lately just how much time I've been spending alone. In the last week or so, I've had two separate days with no direct human interaction - other than just a handful of texts. Abby asked me recently if I'm lonely and, truth be told, most of the time I am not. But every once in a while I go through a phase where I notice it more.
I think that is why I'm looking forward to next week so much. For the first time I'm not just driving up to Family Camp for an evening visit, but will actually be spending the entire week. I know... that seems odd, since I'm not actually bringing a family, but I still think the social surroundings will do me good. My teens are the ones who talked me into it, so I suppose I will actually have "family" there - just none that I am related to. I'm looking forward to the time to just forget everything for a while and, hopefully, refocus a bit.
Speaking of the teens, I'm now teaching a combined class of the middle schoolers and high schoolers. Heath stepped down as the middle school teacher and so far I've been unable to find a replacement... so I took them into my class. At first I was a little concerned about the age range - and I still don't think it's completely ideal - but I started them on a new series today and they all seem to really like it so far. It's a video series from Ray Vander Laan called "That the World May Know" and I believe I can adapt it to the teens. I remember doing quite a few of these in Terre Haute years ago and they've been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe this is all working out on a good timing in the long run.

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5/2/16 10:44 pm

And Aunt Helen died tonight.

This is turning into a downer of a week. =(

4/29/16 11:18 pm

Mamaw died today.

10/30/15 10:51 pm

Abby says, "Write something!"

I hope this counts.


3/1/15 03:03 am

I don't want to go home. I spent the last week staying with Brian and his wife Reggie in Little Rock and now I'm on my last night and I don't want to leave. I miss so much having someone around who not only has the time to hang out with me, but wants to hang out with me. I will admit: there are times when I am really tempted to move down here. I still have just enough holding me to my home area to keep me from it, though. But I really like having people to hang out with again and places to wander around. Don't get me wrong... I like my hour or two I get with Melanie once a week or so when we hang out and the occasional lunch with Caleb, but aside from that I don't really get any personal social interaction any more. Jason was my always-present friend to hang out with for so long and I used to see Josh almost daily at work and now that they're gone things just seem kind of... I don't know... empty sometimes. I suppose I really do need to do something with my life if I'm feeling like that. I just don't know where to go with it right now.

I know this sounds like another one of my downer-posts and I really don't mean it like that. This has easily been one of my favorite vacations ever.

I just don't want to leave.

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