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Fourth Dimension
May 2016
5/2/16 10:44 pm

And Aunt Helen died tonight.

This is turning into a downer of a week. =(


4/29/16 11:18 pm

Mamaw died today.


10/30/15 10:51 pm

Abby says, "Write something!"

I hope this counts.


3/1/15 03:03 am

I don't want to go home. I spent the last week staying with Brian and his wife Reggie in Little Rock and now I'm on my last night and I don't want to leave. I miss so much having someone around who not only has the time to hang out with me, but wants to hang out with me. I will admit: there are times when I am really tempted to move down here. I still have just enough holding me to my home area to keep me from it, though. But I really like having people to hang out with again and places to wander around. Don't get me wrong... I like my hour or two I get with Melanie once a week or so when we hang out and the occasional lunch with Caleb, but aside from that I don't really get any personal social interaction any more. Jason was my always-present friend to hang out with for so long and I used to see Josh almost daily at work and now that they're gone things just seem kind of... I don't know... empty sometimes. I suppose I really do need to do something with my life if I'm feeling like that. I just don't know where to go with it right now.

I know this sounds like another one of my downer-posts and I really don't mean it like that. This has easily been one of my favorite vacations ever.

I just don't want to leave.

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11/12/13 12:23 am

That's right - our quizzers got first in the All Rookie Division! I'm a proud coach. =)
This was the first time they tried Individuals, too - and all four of them did it! Blake and Samuel both made it to Finals, although they didn't place. I got to watch Joel in preliminaries and it was just him and another girl because the others didn't arrive. He quizzed out in about six questions and she finished by question eleven. He would have been in Finals as well, but they ended up re-running that round because the other quizzers had a good reason for missing. He didn't make it the second time around, but he took it pretty well. Jackie took some photos during the day and I got one cleaned up and submitted to the paper, so we're famous (briefly). ;)

Last week was my first week of Josh being gone from work. It's kind of lonely around there now. He did work three hours Saturday night, but I hardly saw him. He's staying on for a few hours a week until the Christmas Bonuses come out - he hated to walk away from a sizable check that close to earning it. I couldn't really blame him. I've still swapped a few texts with him this week, but I miss having someone at work that I can vent to. Ah well... I'll get used to it.

Today was kind of rough. It started out really well, though. I got to have breakfast with Abby at Denny's. I've not gotten to do breakfast with anyone in a long time, so that was pretty cool. She got a call from Nathan while we were there and she passed him over to me for a little bit. That's the first I've talked to him since he was down here briefly over the summer. So - yeah... a pretty good day. At first. Then I got to work and it all got a little insane. We were super busy and I didn't get much done... and... I may have made our CSM cry. *sigh* Sometimes I'm not a good person.

I'm scheduled for 46 hours this week, so a little overtime will be nice. Unfortunately it means I won't get to do any tutoring this week, but maybe Austin will be okay until next week. I'll get to see Melanie on Wednesday. She's bringing a truck down to her offices from the Washington Branch and needs a ride home.

Yesterday afternoon I dozed off for a while and was woken by the sound of rather insistent knocking on my door. Once it finally sank in I found out it was Jason. He'd had a bad fight with his girlfriend and needed someone to walk and talk with for a while. He also thought for a while that he might need somewhere to stay for the night, but it turned out I didn't have an overnight guest after all. I'm glad things worked out, but I've got to say: I kind of would have appreciated having a roommate again for a little while. Abby thinks I need a pet... or a foster kid. I don't think either would be a good idea for me. I'm not responsible enough. =)

Speaking of responsibility, Reggie has been telling Brian she wants a baby and has been making plans. The other night she was talking about who they should use for god-parents. She'd had a friend she'd always figured she'd use for such, but realizes now that she wants her children raised in church and her friend wouldn't do that. So she turned to Brian and asked, "What about David?" I asked him if he laughed at her - he claims he didn't. ;) I can't say I'm not touched by the idea. Don't get me wrong: I'd absolutely do it. I can't say I'm the best choice, but I'd do just about anything for my closest friends. =)

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